Is it a bad sign if a man doesn’t say “I love you”? Why would a man not say “I love you”?

From experience, what would be the reason be for why a man would not say “I love you”?

A friend of mine has been in a relationship for years and the guy never said I love you, the most he says is “I miss you”.

Yet he shows it (his love) through his actions. Ie: helping with her expenses, being committed, making plans for the future.

Some women may find that baffling, but this friend of mine seems happy. How could that be? Is a man’s actions more important than letting a woman here “I love you”?

Here’s why a man might not have said “I love you”.

Maybe no one in his family ever said it so it’s hard for him to say it. It’s not easy for lots of people, not just guys, to say I love you.

There’s every chance that a man was probably raised in a family who didn’t say those three precious words.

Some women, not just men, never say the words “I love you” to a man, but truth be told, that man could still be the love of her life!

As long as someone makes sure that you know they love you in many other ways, the question is: “are the words really necessary?”

If someone has never heard them growing up, then they might never put much weight on the words “I love you”.

They may not appreciate the significance of the words, as they never perceived they needed to hear these words themselves!

What are the 3 words “I love you” really worth?

On the other hand, there are men and women who tell their partner or lover that they love them all the time.

However, they only say it as a way of compensating after abusing their partners. Some people specifically resort to saying the three words after they know they were emotionally or verbally abusive, and they’re losing your trust.

What are the words “I love you” worth on that scenario do you think?

Would you prefer a man who can match his words with his actions?

It’s up to every woman to decide that for herself.

If you really NEED to hear the words “I love you” from him, here’s what you can do…

It’s understandable that some women find and see love in words of affirmation.

If you are that kind of woman, then here’s something you can do.

You can ask him, in a gentle way, if he loves you.

If he says yes, ask him if he could really say it because it would mean so much to you.

Maybe try reading The 5 Love Languages. Just because he doesn’t show his love by saying it, doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. He just expresses it differently.

Every man is different…

See, every man is different. And every man is in a different stage of life, having been through different experiences.

Some men could perceive that the three words are very strong words for them, so they prefer to say it only at select times.

Some men have had a past where they have felt pressured to say “I love you” by ex wives or girlfriends, and so they said the words despite knowing that they didn’t REALLY think they were in love with their ex, but said the words to them anyway.

As a result, now they want to be sure that the emotion is there behind the words when they say it.

See, since these words “I love you” mean different things to different men, and hold different weight to different men, it pays to look towards their actions and to have some patience.

Look to his actions, not his words…

As long as a man is very consistent with communication and planning to see you as well as doing the things you need a man to do (ie: take care of you).

Be patient. The words will come. Everyone gets there in their own time and if he had a toxic relationship it will be harder for him to say it.

Always remember to look at his actions and how he treats you, not just the words.

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