As you may know, my mother gave me a bag of leather scraps that she received from a friend whose son works at a place that makes leather goods. How totally exciting. I organized them neatly and began to wonder what the heck I was actually going to do with them. Eventually I got around to making some things with my recycled leather scraps.

Then fast forward to an outing with my 4 year old niece. She was working contently on her coloring book when she decided she wanted to cut out the pictures. She had a little purse full of crayons and markers (a girl after my own heart), but she didn’t have a little pair of scissors.

So, of course Aunt Cristin vowed to get her scissors.

These are also good scissors.

I really didn’t have to go far to get scissors. I have a small collection of them…okay fine, a rather extensive collection of them. I found this small orange pair that would be perfect for the Hello Kitty purse. However, not being one to have useless supplies, these scissor were a little bit sharp. And who wants to stab through their craft purse? In comes the leather scraps!

How to Make a Leather Sheath for Scissors

Step 1: Trace the closed “blades” of your scissors with a fat marker onto a piece of paper. This way, the width of the actual marker with force the marker tip to be at least 1/8″  wider than the scissors. Cut out the paper. This is your template.

Step 2: Test your template to make sure it’s a proper fit. Adjust if necessary.

Step 3: Pin your paper template to your recycled leather scraps and cut out 2.

Step 4: Sew the bottom edge of your leather – not together – just sew, like I did the zigzag at the bottom.

Step 5: Align the two pieces of leather and sew together, leaving the bottom open to insert the scissor blades.

Thank you Renee for these suggestions!

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