How do you get a guy to invest more in you?

If a man appears to be “low effort”, what can you do?

You certainly can’t force a man invest more. You can only inspire.

Inspire him to spend more time with you, to invest more in you (this is a two way street), to bring out the masculine in him.

Pressuring, agendas, high expectations won’t do it. High value men are not dumb. They can tell when a woman is more into their own agendas than to connect.

And to connect emotionally, a high value woman is calm and organic in her ways. She connects because she’s genuinely interested, she’s curious and sincerely likes the guy.

It’s a common mistake of a lot of women make. They move forward to try to “get” more investment from a man, but in doing that, they forget that high value men don’t take crap from women. They don’t respond well to women with agendas. They respond well to connection.

And that is, the genuine desire of the woman to connect with him, rather than “taking” from him.

So, if you want to connect with him, send him a flirty text message in order to banter with him, perhaps. There is a method called “high value banter”.

This will allow you to connect with him playfully and without an agenda. It gets the conversation going, and it focuses on excitement rather than the agenda you have as a woman to “take” from him.

Some people would give you the advice to be more unavailable and to focus on your own juicy life, outside of him. Some would suggest that you lean back and be unavailable from time to time, in order for him to invest more in you.

I suggest that the best thing to do is to focus on connection rather than focusing on making him invest more in you. Again, this only proves you have a particular agenda, versus giving you an avenue through which you can connect to him.

If you are concerned that he isn’t investing because he’s not genuinely interested in you, then you have to look at your past communications with him and his past actions.

If you want to stay because you find the reasons given by the guy to not invest more to be convincing, or because he has proven to be high value by his past actions, then that’s a sign that connection is the path to walk in order to ‘get’ that extra investment from him.

What is a good example of “inspiring” a man to invest more in you through connection?

You show him appreciation for the things that he has already done for you. A lot of women suggest that anytime they’ve shown their boyfriend true appreciation and enthusiasm for something he has done…they get more of it!

Remember that! Focus on what he IS doing, rather than what he is NOT doing. That way, you’ll be connecting and inspiring as opposed to ‘taking’ value.

Hope that helps, best of luck in your dating life!

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