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Have you ever thought that maybe what is holding you back is what you have and not what you don’t have? When we think of roadblocks, the excuses that surface sound something like, “I just don’t have the time; I’m swamped…I’d need more education…or plastic surgery.” How often do we find ourselves saying, “You need money to do that”? It’s so easy to look at what we don’t have instead of examining our spending and consumption habits to see if they are keeping us in a vicious cycle of spending, accumulating and maintaining.

This is where EVE of REDUCTION comes in.

What does Eve do differently?

Cristin Frank | Founder

In our late twenties, my husband and I purchased our home. We had added our house to the list of other large debts like our student loans and a leased SUV. Our debt commitment was planned on a manageable schedule. We just needed to make payments plus interest until we retired.

Wrong. We didn’t accept the idea of a thirty year mortgage or see the need for two cars and home full of showroom furniture and overflowing closets, cabinets, and storage areas. Talk about your life passing before you! We were not going to pigeonhole ourselves as worker bees in the gigantic hive that’s fueling the economy…or the nation debt, if you really want to call it like it is.

So we got smart about our money and our decisions—all of our decisions. Money was only one factor. If we were going to be working every angle to pay off our debt, we needed to also look at what else was cramming our schedule. We couldn’t devote 24/7 to financial freedom; there had to be some personal fulfillment in there, too.

The most proactive, take-charge-without-loosing-your-shirt solution for us was to live below our means, but within our values. It was easier for us to take a hard look at what we were doing, what we already had, and simply reduce.

We fully furnished our home and paid off our mortgage in six years and eight months. So by our mid thirties we had eliminated our school loans, car payments, and mortgage. We are 100 percent debt free.

What will you find here?

First and foremost, Eve of Reduction is a lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle that chooses happiness and fulfillment over obligations, chaos and maintenance.

Being trapped and being free are results you control through your lifestyle decisions. The problem is we rarely recognize that we are making a decision. Emotions are so powerful that they dictate our actions in an automated fashion.

What is it that you love, respect and appreciate? These are your values. They’re the filters that will replace toxic emotions when it comes to making lifestyle decisions. And while your goals and values vary widely from life-stage to life-stage, when you look at the big picture there are the common threads of purpose, pride, freedom and quality. This blog works to bring to life the expectations we have when it comes to enjoying our surroundings and relieving the pressures that rush us through life. Decide to slow down. Decide to let go of what is weighing on you and your environment.

Upcycling and Repurposing Projects

Creative projects reduce waste and over-consumption by reusing resources that would otherwise have been tossed in a landfill. So, Reduction Rebels if you’re looking around your house at things that are under utilized, obsolete or outdated and you need some inspiration on how you can…

  • Fix them up to sell
  • Repurpose them so they don’t go in a landfill
  • Or salvage pieces and parts for use elsewhere

You will find inspiration and helpful tutorials so that you can take what you have and make it what you want. We take what we already have or can get for little to no cost, and transform it into something of greater value or purpose. We know we cannot hang on to everything forever, therefore we must make it work for our lifestyle and space or pass it on to be enjoyed by someone who will use and appreciate it.

If you have something to share, check out the Reduction Rebel forum page or submit your story! Remember, if you need more inspiration for your specific problem, send it our way and well see what we come up with.

Financial Conservation

What makes you happier, living within your means or receiving acceptance and approval from society? People’s threshold for accepting what is different fluctuates on the premise of culture, religion, upbringing and personality. So why aren’t we more accepting of differences when it comes to money? Everyone wants to appear to have money, whether they do or not. Yes, other people may not appreciate your style or understand your values, and yes, they may judge you and even think you’re (gasp) cheap, but we all know at the end of the day peace of mind and financial security is far more important than social status and the opinions of others.

That’s why EVE of REDUCTION exposes waste that’s cloaked as needs. Over-consumption is not the norm; it’s a grotesque waste, keeping hard working people stuck in stressful jobs that they hate. Reduce your consumption and you will increase your freedom. The results are instant and proportionate in scale.

Becoming a Reduction Rebel

The point of view in this blog establishes you in a position of leadership to solve your own problems, make your own decisions and achieve your higher goals. I’m talking truly taking charge. Buck the system cycle of mindless entertainment, disposable everything, and the infatuation with what others have and want. Your time and money don’t need to be invested in what other people can do – invest it in yourself for an outcome that guarantees satisfaction. This is what it means to be a Reduction Rebel.

Learning is rarely a passive thing. It’s that inner drive that makes you try something new, initiate an introduction, and just have an open mind. The crazy part is we never reach an end.

There is always something new to learn and do. I find that fascinating. Seriously, I get jacked about it – are you with me?