When dating online, it’s imperative to know and understand some common red flags that women often fall for.

Now, there are dating red flags, and then there are online dating red flags. Online dating red flags are more like general red flags, whilst online dating red flags can be a combination of general red flags and red flags that are very specific to online dating.

Here are the top 12 online dating red flags that women fall for online:

Red flag 1.
Telling you exactly what they think “chicks dig” way too soon. When he focuses on love, exclusivity, relationship, future, babies, weddings, unicorns pooping rainbows, etc, that’s a red flags for sure.

Red flag 2. Love bombing (he’s a scammer, or a stalker)

Red flag 3. He says “I’ve deleted my profile to focus only on you” when they barely know you. (In other words, he’s a scammer, a f-boy, or a stalker)

Red flag 4. Weirdly timed messages, as in maybe he’s in a really different time zone (scammer)

Red flag 5. Men in particular work occupations. For example, pilots, oil rig workers, military, billionaire businessman, anything that is typically used for “explaining” long absences (ie: he’s a scammer)

Red flag 6. Not available on the evenings and the weekends (ie: he is married!)

Red flag 7. He claims to be of a particular ethnicity, but you check fb and all his friends and his favorite locations indicate differently (again, scammer)

Red flag 8. Outstanding arrest warrants – in the US these are public records.

Red flag 9. He just moved here, says I lost my job, or can I crash at your place?

Red flag 10. The gift sender: he wants your address and eventually your bank account number (scammer again).

Red flag 11. Never takes you to his place (he’s married)

Red flag 12. Facebook pictures from last week show him with wife or girlfriend though he claims he’s still very much single…

Here’s an example story from a reader who encountered a toxic guy online, and he exhibited some of these red flags in action.

“I had a second date with the guy tonight who I’ve been iffy about there being no emotional connection…yeah, I saw red flags for sure.

He asked for my last name out of nowhere and I politely said “I don’t release that information this early on”.

And he said “Oh.” “Well okay, sorry I asked,” in a rude tone. (So he doesn’t tolerate NO very well)

I noticed he brought up exes (not a 2nd date topic), but also that there seems to be a theme that the other person did something wrong.

So I simply brought up the observation and he said “excuse me?” I said very politely “Oh should I rephrase that?”

He said “I understand English thank you very much.”

Me: “Of course, just saying I wondered if my question was unclear and need to reword it differently.”

He says “I’ve dumped all my exes, and I don’t even like to say that.”

(Well then why say it? It’s almost bragging that you pull the trigger before everyone else.)

I had a hard time in the beginning picking up on his sarcasm because it is very dry. But when I tried to validate the ex experience he had, he said “oh yeah, lovely,” he said “Oh great so you’re going to ask me every single time if I’m being sarcastic?”

I said “I’m still getting to know you. I’m not used to a dry sense of humor.”

If I asked him about something he just said to me, he would say “I didn’t say that,” and not even acknowledge he didn’t remember correctly or validate how I heard his remark.

Then when I am able to repeat his exact comments THEN I would get some recognition. (Gaslighting)

This guy bought a $200 cameo video to send me a greeting from a former football coach before we even had a second date. This just felt too overwhelming of a “surprise” I never asked for or mentioned that coach’s name. (Love bombing)

Glad I saw this on date #2. Onward and upward!”

See how the personality traits in this guy made it obvious that there were glaring red flags? This woman did a great job of testing this man. I think every woman has something to learn from her!

That ends the 12 common online dating red flags that women often fall for. Do you have any red flags in mind? Something I may have missed? Please share them in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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