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Cristin Frank headshotCristin Frank earned a Bachelor’s Degree in design from the Rochester Institute of Technology before spending 13 years in branding and marketing for consumer products such as Budweiser, Nestlé, Kraft and SC Johnson. Since 2002, Cristin has been upcycling curbside trash into interior design treasures. This crafty mom has a creative reuse for anything from old t-shirts to a dismantled dresser. In 2009, she founded The Eve of Reduction, a lifestyle movement encompassing upcycling, consumption control and simple living. Her message is clear. “Use your talents and creativity, not consumption, to find personal satisfaction.”

Cristin’s reduction lifestyle platform continues to attract media attention. Her story and projects have been featured in Money Magazine, NPR Marketplace Money, FamilyFun Magazine, Parents Magazine, Yahoo! News and

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Reduction Rebels, let’s save money  and reduce waste by being clever, resourceful and creative.

Not only does the word “Reduction” phonetically contain the word “duck,” the symbolism of a duck is so aligned with the principles of Eve of Reduction that we had to choose it for our brand icon.


Ducks symbolize transition due to their migratory nature. Ducks know when to migrate and forge ahead with confidence. Eve of Reduction is a steward of change into a lifestyle of less consumption and more freedom. Our mission is to inspire your talents, creativity and life goals.

Simplicity and Resourcefulness

Ducks fly in a “V” formation to make it easier for the individual birds to fly. Eve of Reduction is your source for making life easier, more simple. As Reduction Rebels we cut out all the crap (maintenance, guilt, unnecessary obligations and clutter) to streamline your time and money into doing exactly what’s right for you.

We also have the motto “take what you have and make it what you want.” Most of the time this means upcycling. We use our resources on hand to get what we want – this is always crafty and clever.


Often we see ducks gliding on the water, feathers unruffled. The truth is they are peddling the heck out of their little webbed feet. Reduction Rebels can certainly relate. We work hard, but don’t have that frantic busy, scatter-brained hysteria about us because we’re doing what we need to do and we’re not on someone else’s schedule. Isn’t it true? When we’re running around, going along with someone else’s plans, we always have our own agenda hanging over our heads. That would make anyone feel constantly busy. By paddling on your path, you’ll regain your inner peace and satisfaction.

Self Sufficiency

Ducks can walk on land, swim in water and soar through the air, making them one agile creature. Reduction Rebels know all about agility and independence through the benefits of DIY lifestyle. There’s nothing like not having to spend a lot of money because you’re able to do things for yourself.


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