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What can you do with Remnant Ceramic Tile?

Did you know that rough ceramic tile has similar properties as chalkboards? So, you don’t have to worry about investing in chalkboard paint or mini message boards if you have remnant tiles sitting around in the basement or garage.

This summer I’ve been helping my son with his cursive writing – a dreadful exercise for him. So when I came upon a remnant box of Italian titles this week, I thought, “let’s make this lesson more exciting.” It’s a lot more fun to write with chalk on tile than pencil on paper – boring.

Once we got going in the lesson, I walked over to a shelf in my garage and grabbed a spool of wire. I cut about a foot of wire and wrapped a loop around each end of the long tile. I flipped it over and Duct taped the wire down so the loops wouldn’t slip off.

The wire is so thin you cannot see it in the photo.

We wrote a message (welcome) then easily erased it and wrote another one. Then hung it on the door.

The fun part is we can change the greeting as seasons, holidays and special occasions occur.

What would you do with left-over title?

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