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Upcycling: Sewing Cabinet Repurposed into a Child’s Play Kitchen

I’ve seen kid’s play kitchens made from everything from an end table to a console TV. So I thought, why not from an old sewing cabinet. The thing I didn’t realize was how much more repurposing would be involved with a project like this. Because, isn’t it the details that make toys so much fun!

The first trick to converting a sewing cabinet into a play kitchen is selecting a sewing cabinet that opens from the front.

Then, you need to source a piece of wood to serve as the bottom of the cabinet so it can be used for storage. I unscrewed the top of the cabinet, and screwed it onto the bottom. But before that, I removed the legs.

Now, no matter what sewing cabinet you select, the legs are too long for it to serve as a play kitchen. Therefore, I would need to trim the legs to a size that would make it the right for a two – five-year-old. The sewing cabinet I’m working from was made in 1968, and has what I consider nice legs. In this case, I wanted to preserve the legs, as is, for another project. I luckily came across a cheap end table in a garbage pile and Bogarted those legs.

So next step was preparing the cabinet top for becoming the inside bottom of the cabinet. Because I was screwing it into the bottom of the cabinet AND screwing new legs into the bottom of I had to drill all my screw holes first.

You can see the pencil lines from where I lined up the cabinet, then positioned the leg holes inside of that.
Here’s everything screwed in.
The cabinet top now has the sewing machine hole exposed. This is perfect for the kitchen sink! I found a plastic storage bin that fit the space almost perfect. To fill n the gap to the right, I positioned a scrap piece of hardwood flooring to act as a cutting board. From there I scavenged around my house and garage for other odds and ends to repurpose. I found dresser drawer pulls that I painted to look like burner knobs and plastic coasters to be the stove top burners.

Then it all came down to spray paint to bring it all together, looking more realistic.
The other important detail is the back splash. This is what really says “kitchen.” I used one piece of scrap wood and jigsawed it into the wall with a shelf and hooks. Then I used L-brackets to attach it to the cabinet.

I cut and screwed these pieces together to form a shelf.
Props really make it come to life!

This option. I made a little skirt, mainly to cover up the ugly legs, but also to add a soft, frilly touch. While I was at it, I sewed matching potholders. Coincidentally (I swear) I had scrapbook paper that matched the fabric so I  dressed up the shelf with scalloped edging.

You are so ready for a tea party.

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