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Upcycling in Mexico


About 13 years ago when I started upcycling furniture and repurposing household items, naturally I went looking for inspiration.  I even joined a MeetUp group for people interested in upcycling.

At the time, the most relevant books showed upcycling examples from Mexico.

Last month during Earth Week, I was in Mexico.

One interesting thing I found in our hotel was that the lights didn’t work unless the room key was in a a special slot. This meant, when we left the room, we’d have to take our room key and therefore the lights would not be on when we were gone.

Can I get this for my kid’s bedrooms or what!

energy saving device in Mexican hotel to keep lights off when not in the room

Next they had a system for determining which towels need to be cleaned and which could be reused. I know this is very common in hotels. I’d like to create my own system at home since those-I-won’t-name like to throw everything in the wash because they don’t do the wash.

create a system for sorting laundry to save water and energy by not washing clothes and towels that can be reuse or worn again before going in the laundry

During our stay, I had picked up a flower that had blown off the bush outside our room. When we got back to our room later in our stay the maid had taken the flower and stuck the stems into holes in a piece of coral that was in our room. Basically she made a vase out of the coral.

I recreated it when I got home with a coral rock and my azalea. It’s beautiful for a couple days then it’s dead. It would be so pretty to make pretty fabric or even paper flowers for a coral “vase.”

Going off the resort there is so much more upcycling to be discovered like wine bottle sculptures, bottle cap art on a huge scale, and endless practical applications for everyday living.

Have you seen any upcycling while on vacation?

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