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Upcycled Tin Trash Can – Mod Podge to the rescue!

I have to say: every time I see graphic furniture or fabric covered hard goods, I fall in love. It’s crazy gorgeous. And that is why my new answer to everything is Mod Podge.

So after last week’s garage sale we were left with my brother’s New York Islanders tin garbage can. No one wanted it. Well, it is useful, but not so aesthetically pleasing in a house without sports fans. Therefore the obvious solution is beautiful fabric.

Here’s how I turned a beat-up tin garbage can into eye candy:

1. The inside of the can was rusty, so I spray painted it – and got the lip.

2. Then I went straight for the Mod Podge. I applied it to the can with a foam brush.
Tip: if your fabric is thin, or light colored, spray paint the whole piece so the image doesn’t show through.

3. Then I rolled the fabric on and smoothed out the bubbles.

4. Once the fabric was in place, I went over the outside with another coat of Mod Podge.
…Introducing the newest addition to my home! (even though this photo was taken in my garage)

I think she needs a matching pencil container ; )

What have you Mod Podged lately?

If you’re looking for more Mod Podge inspiration, check out the buffet table makeover and the spice rack made from an upcycled iPad box.

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