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Upcycled Egg Cups

upcycled egg cups #recycle


Decorating Easter eggs has always been a big part of our holiday celebration. Growing up my mom always bought the dye kits that you have to dissolve a color tablet in vinegar. To this day I can only associate the smell of vinegar with Easter eggs.

Later in life I learned how to blow eggs, use masking stickers, apply temporary tattoos and watercolor eggs.

But after all that effort I didn’t have a proper way to display my crafty creations.

That was a lot of work for something that’s going to got in a bowl or the fridge!

So this year I came up with an easy craft to show off my egg creations, it kind of made me laugh at its simplicity.

DIY Decorative Egg Cups

DIY egg cup craft that is so easy and pretty! #easter #DIYHoliday


White stray paint

Recycled Plastic eggs

Newspaper or cardboard

Hot glue

Permanent markers

#DIY #upcycled #eggcups #Easter

Step 1 – dig up a bunch of plastic eggs that I’m sure you have stashed in the Easter decorations.

Step 2 – separate the top from the bottom and set them outside on newspaper or cardboard, open side down.

Step 3 – spray paint them white. This will take a few coats.

Step 4 – when the paint is totally dry, hot glue ends of the eggs together, leaving the open ends facing out, top and bottom

Step 5 – decorate with permanent markers – metallics look awesome!

How to Create an Easter Tablescape

How to create a beautiful Easter Tablescape #EasterJoy

So, the whole point of decorating Easter eggs is so your Easter brunch or dinner is as gorgeous as it is delicious! We didn’t just labor over DIY egg cups and yarn eggs (or whatever you prefer) for nothing.

This need to be an explosion of pastels, plates and…cake pops?

Yes, my tablescape got some help from Sherri’s Berries!

Easter cake pops from Sheri's Berries #EasterJoy @SharisBerries

I also incorporated the braided eggs from a previous Easter and my grandmother’s silk scarf. The scarf colors were perfect and the swirling polka dots were way too fun. Plus, in my childhood we always went to my grandmother’s for Easter.

One year we were late for the celebration because my younger brother (a toddler at the time) insisted that he was also going to wear an Easter bonnet like my sister and me. My mom lost the battle and retrieved the bonnet my sister wore the previous Easter. Oh, yes, there are pictures out there of all THREE of us in our Easter bonnets.

Chick, egg and bunny cake pops from #EasterJoy @SharisBerries

Easter is another time that you can get out your favorite ceramic serving dishes and actually have a use for them. Here I have a small serving stray that I bought one summer in Niagara on the Lake. It usually holds my sugar and creamer dishes, but how adorable are these cake pops!!

Easter Cake pops are part of a holiday tablescape #EasterJoy

Look! I’m using my cake stand!

Do you serve ice wine with Easter dessert? #EasterJoy

The small crystal goblets have a bit of juice for the kids and ice wine for the adults. If you’re going to do dessert, I say go all in.

Easter bunny cake pop #handmade #EasterJoy

These handmade brownie pops were so amazing – and as you can see my son ate the ears first – just like a chocolate rabbit. Also he h o v e r e d over me as I took these photographs.

Wishing you all a Blessed Easter

Wishing you all a Blessed Easter

What do you like to include in your Easter tablescape?

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4 Responses to Upcycled Egg Cups

  1. Paula@SweetPea March 31, 2015 at 6:02 am #

    This is so clever and I love the idea. I’ve pinned it and shared on my FB page.

    • Eve March 31, 2015 at 2:34 pm #

      Hi Paula, thanks for sharing. I love your dresser project!!

  2. Carol Grund April 9, 2015 at 3:53 pm #

    I love everything about this Easter post!

    • Eve April 9, 2015 at 4:45 pm #

      Thanks, Carol! I hope you had a great Easter!!

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