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Upcycle: Repurpose a Sewing Cabinet into a Pet Bed

You may be familiar with the sewing cabinet that I upcycled into a bar cart. That’s where this love affair with sewing cabinets began, really. I had glibly driven by so many out at the road, and then bought one at an estate sale. This got me thinking about all the ways I could repurpose a sewing cabinet. So much so that I used these projects as the crux of my furniture upcycling presentation at the Buffalo Home Show.

Here’s what else I explored along with serial upcycling of sewing cabinets. I wanted to cover several diverse lifestyles. I wanted to take one, somewhat obsolete, but easy to come by piece of furniture and make it into something that could appeal to a large amount of people, one way or another.

So here goes:
1. The indestructible, 4-poster pet bed. Petcare is a multi-billion dollar industry and therefore, with numbers like that I knew this project would cover a large audience. Secondly, if you know anything about dogs and cats, they scratch and chew the heck out of everything…but not so much this.

This is how to go about turning a sewing cabinet into a pet bed:
 Phase 1 – Preparing the Cabinet

Source a sewing cabinet that has a shallow space for storing the machine.
Source something that can be used as “feet.” I used a section of a crib spindle. Wooden drawer pulls work well, too.
Open the top of the cabinet so you can screw in the feet
The feet will screw in through the underside of the cabinet top, in all 4 corners
When the feet are screwed in, close the top and screw it down to the cabinet body. One screw on the opposite side from the hinges will do.
Primer and paint cabinet as desired (or don’t).

Phase 2 – Sewing the Pillow and Canopy

Flip the cabinet upside down so that it’s now resting on the little feet you attached. Measure the distance between the original long legs of the cabinet. These are now the bedposts. Your measurement will be width x depth. Add 1/4″ to the measurement and cut a square of fabric that size.

Figure W + D x 2 = the perimeter of the posts. This will be the skirt part of your canopy. Add slack to this measurement so that   it will have pleats; you may want to even double the measurement for a lot of pleats. Determine how long you want the skirt part to be.

Then hem the strip of fabric. Sew the ends so that you have a circle of fabric. Now pin the fabric in pleats to the top square/rectangle of fabric.

If your cabinet had furniture glides on the bottom of the legs, remove. Polish or spray paint and then use them to attach the canopy to the top of the bed posts.

To make the pillow for the cabinet cavity, first measure the dimensions of the cabinet. Make a pillowcase to fit that size. It’s helpful to leave an opening in the back of the pillowcase so that the pillow can be removed and the case washed.
TIP: If your pillow sinks into the cabinet because it lacks height, you may want to ball up newspaper to stuff under your pillow.

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