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Upcycle: Getting Cute with an Old TV Stand


My neighbor was getting rid of this old TV stand that he considered obsolete. What nonsense! It has two shelves and four wheels, that can be repurposed into so many things. That says functional to me. My initial brainstorm included: shoe storage, mobile book shelves, or beverage cart for entertaining. Seriously the list could go on, right.

But as we can all see, in its current state it is utterly atrocious. But cheap and outdated are only surface deep. This can be salvaged for under $5.

The first thing I did was remove the fake wood tape – yes tape! – that was  running along the side handles. After that there was a lot of sticky stuff to Goo Gone off the metal.

I took the stand a part so that I could easily and thoroughly clean up the metal sides. This left the shelves – one wood, the other wire – to be cleaned and spray painted.


I picked a medium tone blue because I thought the color was a versatile as the furniture piece itself. But then I had to get cute with it, because after all, plain blue can be boring.

I Mod Podged paper doilies to the top shelf to give it a pop of contrast and cuteness. I just couldn’t resist.


Like I said at the beginning, there are a lot of uses for this upcycled TV stand. For me, the best use is a sewing caddy in my sewing room.



With so many sewing supplies, it’s nice to have them close by. And because this stand is on casters, I can pull it up next to my seat with all my project supplies – kind of like a dentist does.

One thing I noticed after I shot this photo (under the window in my sewing room), was how perfect this TV stand would be, repurposed as a plant stand!~ I told you the possibilities are endless!

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