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Upcycle a Crib into DIY Hose Guides

I don’t know about you, but where I live we are barely getting any rain this summer. This means I’m out watering my garden pretty much every day. This also means I’m impatiently doing it as quickly as I can. On a few occasions I’ve yanked the hose around the corners of my landscaping causing damage to my plants. And like they say, haste makes waste. So, I just installed hose guides to keep my hose from strangling my plants.

Of course, you know me; I didn’t buy hose guides. I made them thanks to a crib my husband garbage picked. For this post, I’m just using the bottom of the crib that supports the mattress.

As a side note, I have upcycled every part of this crib ike the Native Americans used the buffalo they hunted. I’ll share more crib pieces in the future.


Here is how to use a crib to make hose guides:

1. remove the horizontal bars from the crib bottom
2. cover a mallet with an old towel and hammer them into the ground. If the ground is soft enough you could just push it into the soil 6″.

3. To make it more decorative, screw in a curtain rod finial. I just happen to have 2 from the “big boy bedroom” renovation I did for my son. The screw thread is not a perfect match, but good enough that I could secure the two pieces together.

4. Repeat this process any place your landscaping corners. Please do not put hose guides under a tree that I child would climb – super dangerous!

Happy watering!

I’d love to hear other suggestions you may have instead of using finials!

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