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Upcycle: Baby-Proof your Coffee Table

The table you see above was just a plain, all wood coffee table that I garbage picked with a $15 garage sale sticker still on it. The top of the coffee table was slightly bowed, which I was willing to overlook. However, when I restained it, we had several mishaps while the stain was drying – like someone set a book on the wet stain. Sigh.

So with the mounting imperfections in the tabletop, I decided to cover it in fabric. Little did I know this would solve an entirely different problem as well; it baby-proofed our furniture!

Within a year of covering the table with several layers of quilt batting and fabric secured with fabric tacks, our young son was starting to walk. And what was he using for support? The coffee table, of course! And what happened when he lost his grip and fell head first into the coffee table? I gasped and he bounced his precious head off a nice, cushy table.

It cost $22 for the remnant fabric, batting and fringe. The covered coffee table looks beautiful (after 10 years) and our 2 children were protected from the hard corners of our two coffee tables (yes, we repeated this project in the family room).

If you are looking for a DIY child proof furniture project, this is an easy, sustainable solution.
Here is an article to check out with more childproof furniture safety solutions.

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