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Upcycle an Off-Duty Kid’s Umbrella



I found this kid’s umbrella in a garbage can while walking through a local high school. I thought for sure it was broken, but it isn’t. Even if it was, I’d still be able to upcycle it into a pretty hanging vase for my front door.

Can I first gush about how the colors are perfect for my tiger lilies. Yes, orange, yellow and turquoise dinosaurs work in harmony with my yellow and orange lilies. Fate I tell you!

Here’s what you need to do if you want to repurpose a kid’s umbrella that may be hanging around your house.

1. Don’t open the umbrella in the house, it’s bad luck.

2. You cannot pour water directly into the bottom of the umbrella, it drips out. You need to first fill a baggie with water, insert your flower stems and cinch the baggie with a rubber band. I double cinched it with a twist tie, too.


3. Insert the water baggie/flowers into a slightly opened umbrella and carefully return the umbrella to closed position. The inverted umbrella with naturally flop open so the flowers can fan out a bit.

4. A nice thing about this umbrella is that it had a luggage type tag on it. Unfortunately for the original owner the tag was not filled out. For my purposes, I used the tag to hang the umbrella vase on the door.


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