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Titanic Crafts for Kids

titanic banana treat for kidsToday is the 102nd anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. I know this so distinctly because my sons have been obsessed with Titanic for most of their young lives.This has prompted several creative projects in the past that we can revisit, as well as some new ones.

I know I’m not alone here, as there are numerous children’s books dedicated to the Titanic. I’ve also heard from several other parents whose children are fascinated with the Titanic. So if you are interested in doing a Titanic themed party or just a kid’s craft, check out the projects below:

Titanic Themed Projects

titanic cork

Titanic Model made from Corks – click here to read the full post


Titanic Banana

To make, slice a banana in half the long way (like a banana split); use the 4 sticks of a Kit Kat bar for the smoke stacks; add whipped cream for the steam and guard rail; press peanut butter chips into the banana for “portholes”


Titanic Confectioner Sugar Cake – click here for the full tutorial

$2 Wooden model from craft stores or Amazon (aff. link) – I bought this for my son years ago and he still has it in his room. It’s super cute and about 6″ long.

Titanic diorama project with lego cast & crew from Noelle O Designs

The Titanic out of Lego as well as an iceberg and a lifeboat by A Moment in our World

What do you find fascinating about the Titanic?

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  1. Lucy Schmidt April 16, 2014 at 4:08 am #

    Too cute for words — all of them! What an interesting topic for a young kid to find so fascinating, but I have a little buddy who’s been captivated by everything Egyptian since he was about 4.

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