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The Hunger Games Inspired DIY Indoor Archery Range


I cannot get away from people talking about the Hunger Games – and now people talking about going to the movie. I’m really only interested because I’m an archer. My hunch is that this sport has the potential to explode in popularity. And if you are one of the ones with growing curiosity, I want to tell you, it’s not too far out of reach.
My son received a youth bow for his seventh birthday and proceeded to perforate our shed, which was the backdrop of his target. Needing outdoor supervision, he was limited to when I’d agree to stand in snow and mud to watch him obliterate the aforementioned shed. This lasted two months before I built an indoor archery range in our basement.
*Before you even think of making an archery range in your house, take private lessons first. You must know what you’re doing and be clear on the precautions; this is a deadly weapon as you are well aware. Secondly, set firm rules on who is allowed in the basement during shooting practice.

Here’s what you need to make a DIY Indoor Archery Range:

1. Ideally, ten yards distance. If you’ve ever shot a bow into a target bag, you know it can be done from 2 feet away. So, if you come up short on space, it can still be arranged.
2. A target bag. If you’re not quite a “sure-shot,” get a few so you can protect a larger area and widen your error allowance.
3. An old rug. Hang a rug from the ceiling beams, about a foot from the back wall. This will absorb the energy from the arrow (should you miss the target bag).
4. Lots of cardboard sheets that you can get for free from your local club store. Cardboard should be stacked vertically behind your rug for added protection. You can also use cardboard boxes to prop up your target bag.
5. We made a stationary quiver from scrap wood given to us from a contractor friend of ours. These are nice to have, to keep the area tidy and organized. You can easily just use a PVC pipe or a box.
Wishing you fun, safe shooting that you can enjoy whenever you want!

If you are an archer or have on on your gift list, I created a Pinterest board for Archers. It was chosen for the 2013 Pinterest Gift Guide.

To see how I repurposed our closet bi-fold doors to separate my husbands “band room” from the archery range in our basement, check it out here.

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