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Take the $40 Consignment Shop Challenge

If Rachel Ray can eat for a day on $40, you Reduction Rebels can certainly buy an entire outfit for $40 or less! Are you ready for the Eve of Reduction Consignment Shop Challenge?

$40 consignment shop challenge

I’m a huge supporter of consignment shops. The top three reasons being:

1. Cost savings for you

2. Supporting local businesses – not only the store owner, but the original owner of the merchandise gets a cut. Typically a 60%/40% arrangement.

3. Environmental savings – reduce your carbon footprint by buying used.

So, I challenge you, Rachael Ray style, to go out and buy a complete outfit for $40 or less. Feel the excitement of finding a really unique article of clothing at the fraction of the original cost!

Then, email us a picture the outfit + the cost per item an I’ll post it here!

Cristin {at} eve of reduction {dot} com

There’s no better way to stretch your back to school budget than with a thrifty challenge!

I’m Cristin Frank (AKA Eve). I love all things frugal and crafty. My mindset is always on upcycling, repurposing, reducing waste and saving money – and Eve of Reduction is my roadmap. You might also want to check out my book, "Living Simple, Free & Happy."

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3 Responses to Take the $40 Consignment Shop Challenge

  1. Shannon August 30, 2013 at 8:33 pm #

    Love this! I am going shopping for sure next week and will let you know how well I do!


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