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Painted Nature Crafts

I was browsing Recycled Art this week and came across these stunning pistachio shells. At first I thought they were foil eggs (yummie) but when I read closer, the article said they were decorated with fine tip markers. I think I could stare at these all day. But, when I’ve satisfied my admiration, I have […]

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How to Upcycle Popcorn Tins

Sorry, I just cannot get off this Christmas in July theme! But now I’m doing a reverse of my previous post. Last Christmas my husband’s cousin gave us a big tin of popcorn when she came to our annual Kick Off Christmas party that we host on Thanksgiving night. We very much enjoyed the popcorn, […]

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Barbie Dream House Makeover – Part 1

Last week I took a chance on a vintage Barbie Dream House Dollhouse. Actually I had no idea it was a Barbie dollhouse when I garbage picked it. And if you recall, I have two sons – not into dollhouses – but who thought it was super cool. The timing of this doll house find […]

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DIY Sign on Skis

I guarantee that someone you know has old skis up in the rafters waiting for you to repurpose into an outdoor sign. Okay, don’t hold me to it, but I’m just saying the chances are likely. My husband found these skis in his father’s rafters and we used them to make this DIY sign. 1. […]

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Upcycle: Getting Cute with an Old TV Stand

My neighbor was getting rid of this old TV stand that he considered obsolete. What¬†nonsense! It has two shelves and four wheels, that can be repurposed into so many things. That says functional to me. My initial brainstorm included: shoe storage, mobile book shelves, or beverage cart for entertaining. Seriously the list could go on, […]

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Restored furniture: Vintage School Desk

Remember playing school at home with a desk like this – with the seat attached and the desktop that you held open with your head while digging through the inside looking for your puffy sticker collection? I do. So when I rescued this from the curb a couple weeks ago, I hurled it into my […]

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