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365 Days of Fabric Yo Yos

Like everyone who watched Julie and Julia, I too wanted to commit to creating something each day that was tied to a central theme. Could I think of something to save my life? No. Well, yes, but I knew it would eventually consume me. Then last week I was in Joann’s (the craft store), excited […]

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How to Upcycle Old Children’s Clothes

Growth spurts: they’re inevitable and unpredictable, and despite the hundreds of growth charts that have been developed over the years, nothing can truly prepare you for them because growth spurts vary from child to child, and from spurt to spurt. The growth of our children can be a source of pride for us, but at […]

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Upcycled sewing bench with 3 uses: side table, serving tray, lap desk

Sewing Bench Repurposed into the Ultimate Side Table

Last week my sister-in-law passed off her garbage picked sewing bench to me. Rewind and you’ll recall that a couple weeks ago I was reupholstering a sewing bench that I had garbaged picked. Since clearly I don’t need another sewing bench, why did I accept another one? My first thought was that I’d repurpose it […]

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Upcycle: DIY Couch Reupholster Project: Part 2

I’m not going to lie, this is kind of a huge under taking. And the huge part comes with will and determination. It’s one thing to make a couple pillows, it’s a test of will to make twelve. I have to say, though, if it weren’t for my zipper foot and heavy duty sewing needles I […]

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Social Hop Like Crazy

Upcycle: Sweatpants to Fleece Neck Warmer

So I did my due diligence when it came to getting organized in the New Year: I purged my closet of all the stuff that I didn’t wear. This included a comfy pair of Columbia fleece pants that were so unattractive my husband forbid me to wear them – anywhere! But, before they made it […]

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1930 Sewing Rocker Restoration

Back in August, I purchased this 1930s sewing rocker at an estate sale for $40. It originally had a cane weave for the seat and chair back. This had all been removed at the time of purchase. I was able to date the rocker because I bought the sewing machine and cabinet that went with […]

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How to Reupholster an Office Chair

Not too long ago, my husband garbage picked an old office chair – totally ugly with cracked vinyl upholstery. Gross! I didn’t feel I had it in me to do the reupholstering, which involved scary piping. I didn’t know what it was about piping, but it really intimidated me. So I put the awful chair […]

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