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Saving Money on Air Conditioning

Staying cool is very expensive. According to statistics from the US Department of Energy, cooling represents up to 70% of the summer monthly home energy bill in homes in warmer climates. It is therefore necessary to seek sustainable ways to reduce your cooling energy consumption in the long term particularly if you are living in […]

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Low-Cost Ways to Insulate Your Home

Hello Reduction Rebels, today I’m featuring a guest post from Jane Blanchard. Below Jane shares 5 ways to save money on your heating bill. These are relatively minor home improvements that mean instant dollars in your pocket – or more realistically dollars not flying out of your windows and doors. Here’s the other upside: your home […]

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Save Soap from Washing Away

My mother-in-law was the first person to introduce me to combating soap waste. She used to place a sponge under each bar of soap in her home. The sponge was usually trimmed to the exact size of the bar of soap (she was too good!). I thought it was a brilliant idea and I’ve used it […]

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DIY Patio Makeover on the Cheap

This year, I finally got fed up with dropping $100+ on a patio rug. Over the years we’ve tried several outdoor rugs that either turned green, frayed, or just crapped out. The most we ever got from a rug was two summers. So I went looking for alternatives to patio rugs. Alternatives to Patio Rugs […]

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Little things count – Go frugal and Save More

Hey, Reduction Rebels, today I have a guest post from one of our own. Audric Stevens is a financial expert and a contemporary writer. Though he writes a lot about debt, For Eve of Reduction he’s sharing some proactive tips to being frugal and fending off debt before it temps us.  Nowadays the cost of living […]

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