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DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

I’ve done 3 post-worthy projects prior to my Fairy Garden creation, but this was so much fun I had to share it right away! Over Memorial Day weekend I went to my sister-in-law’s house. She had made a super cool fairy garden. I was so totally inspired. Then before I left her house, she gave […]

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Repurposed Christmas Decorations

The holiday season is one time that we overhaul every knick knack and home decor item in our house into a Christmas motif. I’m talking everything. But in keeping with our “green” Christmas efforts, we look for ways to repurpose things we already have and utilize them as holiday decorations. And yes, this post is […]

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DIY Repurposed Clock Ideas

This should help us all remember Daylight Savings this weekend: really clever DIY clock projects from around the web. Some people think that having a clock in view causes stress. I feel the opposite. Knowing the time helps me stay organized, punctual and balanced. I’m a big fan of clocks! And here are some interesting […]

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DIY Sign on Skis

I guarantee that someone you know has old skis up in the rafters waiting for you to repurpose into an outdoor sign. Okay, don’t hold me to it, but I’m just saying the chances are likely. My husband found these skis in his father’s rafters and we used them to make this DIY sign. 1. […]

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Eve of Reduction

Functional Art: The Umbrella Stand

Best gift idea ever! I recently came to admit that I am obsessed with functional art. My practical side and artistic whimsy seem to always come together right there where function meets beauty. One particular aspect of functional art that I’m attracted to is umbrella vases. I could go on for paragraphs on how they’re […]

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