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Recycling Plastic and Waste Management Trends

Hi Reduction Rebels! Today I have a guest post from Erich Lawson with some interesting ideas for reducing plastic pollution.  The consequences of excessive waste generation have started showing, with different areas losing their soil potential. Rivers, seas, and oceans are also getting contaminated with the amount of waste being dumped into these water bodies. […]

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Save Soap from Washing Away

My mother-in-law was the first person to introduce me to combating soap waste. She used to place a sponge under each bar of soap in her home. The sponge was usually trimmed to the exact size of the bar of soap (she was too good!). I thought it was a brilliant idea and I’ve used it […]

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Look What Can Be Made from Plastic Bottles

About a month ago my son came up with a very creative new product idea for Pepsi. He was so excited about his idea that he created samples, tested them on his friends and then crafted a product pitch for Pepsi. He looked up where to submit it, wrote his first business letter and rode […]

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What can you do with Mod Podge Rocks Stencils?

I’d first like to congratulate Amy Anderson of Mod Podge Rocks on her product launch! A few days ago I received a sample of the new Mod Podge Rocks peel and stick stencils (thank you, Amy!) and of course I couldn’t just come up with one project. Why? Because first and foremost, they’re REUSABLE! I […]

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