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9 Steps to Cleaning House After The Holidays

Holidays have always been a source of excitement, relaxed atmosphere, good times with the family and relatives who, if it wasn’t a holiday, you may not have had the chance to see. Unfortunately after the happy and care-free times come to an end, you have to go back to the normal daily routine and now you […]

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How to Make a DIY Soft Basket

My son and I keep our sunglasses on a shelf in the garage for easy access on the way out the door. This seemed like a reasonable plan until occasionally we’d put our glasses on the wooden shelf with the lenses facing down. Before you cringe, I’ll divulge that the glasses were free from my […]

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Organizing is Sexy + Free Printable

Ladies and gents, we are days away from Valentine’s Day and I’m thinking outside the heart-shaped chocolate box. Like way out. Like beyond all sweets, jewelry and love letters. I’m talking about getting organized. An organized home relieves stress, helps clean the air (reduces dust) and energizes. Doesn’t that all sound like the key to […]

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DIY Projects to Organize Your Car

One of my 10 New Year’s resolutions for minimizing was cleaning out the car. I thought perhaps I could be a little more helpful with this one, especially because it’s sometimes difficult to clean out your car in the winter. Well not difficult as much as undesirable. So I’ve found 5 crafty projects you can […]

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How to Repurpose Furniture: Wine Rack

I garbaged picked this wine rack over the weekend. Let me start by emphasizing that now (the weeks leading up to Christmas) are ideal for finding curbside treasures. Why, because people know what’s going to be under the tree so they are decluttering the old in preparation for the new. So yes, I scored this […]

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Expert Tips for Reducing, Organizing and Storing Gift Wrap

Happy Thanksgiving, Reduction Rebels! Just wondering, are you contemplating going out shopping tomorrow? I thought about doing a post on how to avoid Black Friday, but the people who moderately participate in Black Friday, for the most part enjoy it. I know because it’s a tradition I have with my mother. We head out around […]

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