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Best Niche Sites for Selling Used Items

Are you noticing that the popular sites for selling used clothes, tools, vehicles, media and electronics are getting either too saturated or too general that you cannot find the right audience for your used goods? Sites like Craigslist and Ebay have revolutionized our ability to reuse and recycle, and our environment pays homage to these […]

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How to Start to Live Like a Minimalist

The truth is, you’re not just going to wake up one day and decide you’re sick of all the clutter in your house and start to purge. Typically it doesn’t work that way. Like any program, when starting to live a minimalist lifestyle you’re going to want to start small and comfortable, then work your […]

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How Much Money can you get for Scrap Metal?

Over the summer I picked up a 1938 Kenmore sewing machine at an estate sale The machine came built into a cabinet but I only wanted the cabinet. The machine didn’t function properly. This left me with two choices: try to sell it for parts or take it to a scrap metal yard (metal recycling […]

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