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Balero Kid’s Craft for Cinco de Mayo

I was searching Pinterest for some Cinco de Mayo inspiration and was surprised to see there were no cup and ball crafts. So I had to create one! This fun kid’s game is called Balero in Mexico where it originated in the sixteenth century. It can easily be made with household items.  Supplies: Pencil Recycled Keurig cup […]

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Titanic Crafts for Kids

Today is the 102nd anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. I know this so distinctly because my sons have been obsessed with Titanic for most of their young lives.This has prompted several creative projects in the past that we can revisit, as well as some new ones. I know I’m not alone here, as […]

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DIY Reusable Pennant Banner

Who’s excited about the winter Olympics? Whether or not you like skiing and hockey or not, the Olympics are truly magical. 89 countries have come together in Russia to strut their talents. This is a huge culmination of training and skill that the world shares in together. When you think of what we have in […]

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How to make a Sidewalk Chalk Lighthouse

I recently read a tutorial on making sidewalk chalk out of plaster. This led me to think, if chalk could be made from plaster, than we could sculpt chalk like we would plaster. So I made a chalk lighthouse. The United States has the largest number of lighthouses of any country in the world (about […]

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Upcycled Back Scratcher

This is an earth-friendly, frugal project to do with kids, with very little cost needed for supplies. Upcycled Back Scratcher Supplies: Wood Paint Stir Stick or Ruler Drill (optional) Craft Paint Alphabet Stickers (optional) 2 Recycled Watter Bottle Plastic Caps  (or from an orange juice carton) Glue Ribbon Step 1: Optional If you want to […]

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