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How to Upcycle Old Children’s Clothes

Growth spurts: they’re inevitable and unpredictable, and despite the hundreds of growth charts that have been developed over the years, nothing can truly prepare you for them because growth spurts vary from child to child, and from spurt to spurt. The growth of our children can be a source of pride for us, but at […]

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How to Make a DIY Stress Ball

In my son’s early elementary school years, I noticed he approached his homework with a pencil in his right hand and an eraser clutched in his left. The odd part was he never put the eraser down. He gripped it, rubbed it, even rolled it in his hand methodically like Play-doh. It didn’t take long […]

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13 Eco Activities for Kids

The other day, I was concerned that my fridge wasn’t working properly so I put my meat thermometer in there in check the temperature. I left it in there over the course of a day and checked the temperature whenever I opened the fridge for something. My shocking discovery: just keeping the fridge door open […]

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4 Vintage “Toy Cards” for Kids

My brother-in-law picked up these very clever, vintage cards at a garage sale, and passed them along to me. They are called “toy cards” because every one doubles as a play thing for a kid. A greeting card that’s also a toy. It’s such a throw back to simple living, when a kid was amused […]

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