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How to Stain Eggs with Coffee

Who’s ready for the Superbowl? Or maybe just the commercials and party food? The latter sounds more like me, how about you? In thinking about¬†being part of the 184 million Americans watching the game this weekend, I wanted to add some crafty flair to the Superbowl fare. Since it’s a given that there will be […]

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How to Upcycle Popcorn Tins

Sorry, I just cannot get off this Christmas in July theme! But now I’m doing a reverse of my previous post. Last Christmas my husband’s cousin gave us a big tin of popcorn when she came to our annual Kick Off Christmas party that we host on Thanksgiving night. We very much enjoyed the popcorn, […]

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Barbie Dream House Makeover – Part 1

Last week I took a chance on a vintage Barbie Dream House Dollhouse. Actually I had no idea it was a Barbie dollhouse when I garbage picked it. And if you recall, I have two sons – not into dollhouses – but who thought it was super cool. The timing of this doll house find […]

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How to Fix Hair Dye Gone Wrong

Last week I was feeling a little crazy and decided to dye my hair red. Not just regular red but I thought I wanted my hair to be a little darker than my normal dirty blonde color. What happened was, I chose a red hair dye that turned out to be burgundy. Unfortunately, Sharon Osbourne […]

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DIY Little League Pennant

Tomorrow I’m going to my niece’s softball game so I wanted to make a little something to show my support. About a year ago I made a felt souvenir pennant with my son that I thought was really cute. So I thought why not do a pennant – they’re really making a comeback! I went […]

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Google DFP Infographic for DIY Bloggers

Hey Reduction Rebels, if you have a blog or are thinking you may someday want to start one, this post is a must read! Last weekend I set up Google DFP (Doubleclick for Publishers) on Eve of Reduction. If you read between the lines, what I’m really saying is I deserve a metal. Just kidding. […]

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Upcycled sewing bench with 3 uses: side table, serving tray, lap desk

Sewing Bench Repurposed into the Ultimate Side Table

Last week my sister-in-law passed off her garbage picked sewing bench to me. Rewind and you’ll recall that a couple weeks ago I was reupholstering a sewing bench that I had garbaged picked. Since clearly I don’t need another sewing bench, why did I accept another one? My first thought was that I’d repurpose it […]

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Expert Tips for Reducing, Organizing and Storing Gift Wrap

Happy Thanksgiving, Reduction Rebels! Just wondering, are you contemplating going out shopping tomorrow? I thought about doing a post on how to avoid Black Friday, but the people who moderately participate in Black Friday, for the most part enjoy it. I know because it’s a tradition I have with my mother. We head out around […]

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