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5 Sustainable Cork Crafts You’ll Love

Yes, I’m on a cork kick for a couple reasons. One being sustainability. This is interesting. Cork is considered a sustainable resource because it’s both biodegradable and renewable.  Cork comes from the cork oak tree (Quercus Suber), but instead of needing to cut down the tree to source the benefit of the raw material as is […]

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DIY Holiday Faux Stained Glass Window

There was an old desktop computer in our basement that we recently got motivated to recycle. Before recycling it, I wondered if there were any parts of the computer tower that I could upcycle. Good news…there were. One such piece was the side of the computer tower that was just a clear plastic panel. It […]

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Recycled Craft: How to make Milk Jug Snowflakes

What’s great about milk jugs, besides holding cereal’s best friend? Their durable, semi-transparent plastic can be reused to make some fun, useful and decorative crafts. With about 380 million gallons of milk products being sold in the US each month, we are at no shortage of free milk jug material to make this decorative snowflake […]

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DIY Decorating: Silver Branches with Fabric Yo Yos

Like me, you may be looking for an inexpensive (or free) way to bring more holiday decorations to your home. Well lately I’ve been seeing painted branches used to add a pop of color and an interesting touch of nature to home decor. To make it even more interesting I wanted to incorporate fabric yo […]

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1930 Sewing Rocker Restoration

Back in August, I purchased this 1930s sewing rocker at an estate sale for $40. It originally had a cane weave for the seat and chair back. This had all been removed at the time of purchase. I was able to date the rocker because I bought the sewing machine and cabinet that went with […]

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Here is a baking pumpkin safely decorated with

Carving Pumpkins: tips and inspiration

Ahh, it’s that time of year – everything pumpkin. Besides the yummy cakes, cookies, muffins and scones we get from the edible variety, their gourd counterpart can be equally as fun and even healthier – that is if you toast the seeds. I just flipped through the last few years of my family’s carved pumpkin […]

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