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Basket Weaving

  Yes, yes, I know I promised sea glass projects, but I had to share my first ever experience basket weaving. Weaving is something I’ve always loved doing. Sure, we’ve all woven potholders as kids – or at least tried – or at the very least know someone who did. Maybe some of you even […]

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365 Days of Fabric Yo Yos

Like everyone who watched Julie and Julia, I too wanted to commit to creating something each day that was tied to a central theme. Could I think of something to save my life? No. Well, yes, but I knew it would eventually consume me. Then last week I was in Joann’s (the craft store), excited […]

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Crafts with Sea Glass

Some of my best memories from this Summer and early Fall are sea glass hunting with my two sons. We got up early, stopped for hot chocolate with “mile high” whipped cream on our first outing – even though it was August. Another time after a dismal loot on the beach we detoured and spontaneously went […]

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DIY Foil Crafts

Last week my son and I were taking a walk in the neighborhood and came upon a garbage can full of “goodies.” Clearly someone had cleared out their basement clutter in the hopes of someone helping themselves to it. We found Christmas decorations, Wii games, DVDs, and random tools. We each took home something we […]

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How to Stain Eggs with Coffee

Who’s ready for the Superbowl? Or maybe just the commercials and party food? The latter sounds more like me, how about you? In thinking about being part of the 184 million Americans watching the game this weekend, I wanted to add some crafty flair to the Superbowl fare. Since it’s a given that there will be […]

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Crafting with Leather Scraps

Yesterday I came across these really cool bags made from leather scraps. Just like the leather scraps I craft with, these bags were made from factory scraps. If you don’t have access to scraps, you can recycle leather from old gloves (even baseball gloves), belts, wallets, boots and leather jackets. I have upcycled old clothes […]

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How to Repurpose a Corn Stalk

For the last month we’ve had a corn stalk adorning our porch post so this week I thought about repurposing it into Thanksgiving and (gasp!) Christmas crafts. Now the funny thing is, our neighborhood squirrels have not plundered the corn cobs for some reason. I even ripped one off, shucked it and left it on […]

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