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How to Make a DIY Soft Basket

My son and I keep our sunglasses on a shelf in the garage for easy access on the way out the door. This seemed like a reasonable plan until occasionally we’d put our glasses on the wooden shelf with the lenses facing down. Before you cringe, I’ll divulge that the glasses were free from my […]

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Reduce Clutter: Organization Behind Closed Doors

Here’s the dirty little secret of my front hall: my reusable bag collection. It’s the perfect place to store them, except that every time I open the cabinet, the reusable bags cascade to the floor and I have to shove them back in while shutting the doors in one quick, coordinated motion. Today I said no more […]

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Recycled Craft: Christmas Card Carousel

Tis the season for holiday cards in the mail from friends and family. What will that look like? They may find their way to being taped to the stair rail, clipped to garland or magneted on the frig. Or why not make a reusable, interactive display made from repurposed cardboard! To make a spinning Christmas […]

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