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Sustainable Craft: Personalized Messages on Cloth Napkins

Today is the first day of school since the horrific massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT. As a nation, our hearts are heavy and our children close. In this time of grief and pain I can think only of love.
For those of you with school-age children, here is an eco-friendly craft that you can make with and for your beloved kids. I call them napkin grams.

Supplies you will need:
Cloth napkins
foam letters
Goo Gone
soy paint
fabric paint medium
paint brush
paint mixing tray
water-based marker

Step 1: Think about a message or messages that you would want to pack in your kid’s lunch. Is there an open-ended message where you could include a space to write in a different word that would change the message from day to day. For example:
You have the best _____
I’m so proud of your ____

Step 2: Once you’ve come up with a few different messages, use your foam letters to “write” that message in reverse on a piece of card board.
Likely, your foam letters are sticky on the back side. You”ll need Goo Gone to wipe the stickiness off.

Step 3. Mix your soy paint and fabric medium according to the bottle’s directions.

Step 4: Paint over the foam letters. Make sure every letter is generously covered.
Then flip it over and stamp it down on your cloth napkins.

Step 5: Using a water-based marker, customize your message!
Don’t use a washable marker because the color bleeds when wet. A water-based marker should easily wash out.

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