Who’s ready for the Superbowl? Woooow! Or maybe just the commercials and party food? The latter sounds more like me, how about you?

In thinking about being part of the 184 million Americans watching the game this weekend, I wanted to add some crafty flair to the Superbowl fare.

Since it’s a given that there will be tons of salty snacks and sweets, I thought I’d make something fun, but on the healthy side: Hardboiled eggs.

Really, let’s be honest, it’s more of a fun activity to make and eat this the kids who couldn’t care less about football or commercials.

Dyeing Eggs with Coffee

The process of staining eggs with coffee is really quite easy, and come Easter time, you may want to experiment with other applications and designs using this technique.

1. Brew a pot of coffee – the darker the better (you can reuse old coffee grounds) here are some recommendations.

2. Take white hardboiled eggs and use strips of sticker paper to make the football stitching on the egg

3. Soak the eggs in the coffee for 30 minutes

4. Drain the coffee

5. Remove the sticker paper from the eggs

6. Decorate a recycled K-cup with green permanent marker to look like a football field

7. Set out your decorated eggs for Superbowl festivities!

Next you can make some yummy deviled eggs!

For more fun hobbies you can do with the family, check out this list.

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