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Simple Living: The Reduction Rebel Wedding

sc05da37ffIt’s certainly no shock that the big movie event of the summer is “The Big Wedding.” I’m sure it was in the works the moment William and Kate said their vows two years ago.

But for the rest of us who are aware that we’re not celebrities or entitled to a royal-inspired wedding, here are some frugal wedding tips from Eve of Reduction:
1. All you have to do is cut the wedding party to one bridesmaid and one groomsman. You will save a lot money on our wedding. See the frugal ripple-effect this wedding reduction has on your budget…

2. Because your wedding party is only two other people, you don’t need to rent a limo, bus or driver. Know anyone with a convertible or a cool car you can borrow? Have the best man drive, with maid-of-honor shotgun and you and your spouce in back. How romantic!

3. You will save a ton of money (and waste) on flowers.

4. The non-monetary benefit is your pictures will look great. You can actually get close-ups of the 4 of you – instead of a group picture that looks like an eigth-grade graduation picture.

5. Choosing a common color for the bridesmaid dress, rather than a specific dress. Therefore, your maid-of-honor could shop places like Overstock for a navy blue dress, rather than going to the bridal shop. Same thing with shoes – pick a color, shop the sales rack – or your own closet.

6. Friends of the bride spend a lot on showers and bachelorette parties. To cut back on costs, have them hosted at someones house. A family member or groomsman can play chauffeur and pick up and drop off all the guests. This will feel special, and eliminate the limo expense but not the FUN!

7. Wedding day hair and make-up is another huge expense – sometimes nearing $100. Why not practice a head of time. Tutorials for updos and beautiful braids are all over Pinterest. With a little practice, friends can do each other’s hair and make-up. It’s a fun time and it’s nice to know what you’re going to look like before the big day. I’ve heard so many horror stories of crazy bridesmaid hair due to unfamiliar stylists hired just for that morning.

8. If you have a close friend who you think will be hurt by not being in your wedding, instead of being a bridesmaid, opt to have her be “the mistress of ceremonies.” Mistress of Ceremonies is basically an unpaid wedding coordinator. She’s the one who can leave the rehearsal to get the marriage license you forgot to bring! This makes close friends an important part of the big day, without the expense of being in the wedding party.

9. Skip the RSVP cards. There was just an Miss Manners article in the Sunday paper where someone was in a huff because they received a wedding invitation with no RSVP card. Miss Manners fired right back saying they are not a requirement and guests are not “entitled” to such “crutches.” If your guests are too lazy to tell you they’re coming, they’re probably too lazy to even come.

Think about some of the best weddings you attended. Did you really care about the baked alaska or was it more about having a good time. News flash, you can have as good a time under a tent as in some swank hotel. Just sayin’.

I’m Cristin Frank (AKA Eve). I love all things frugal and crafty. My mindset is always on upcycling, repurposing, reducing waste and saving money – and Eve of Reduction is my roadmap. You might also want to check out my book, "Living Simple, Free & Happy."

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