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Simple Living: How to Save Time Making the Bed

Making the bed is the quickest way to clean up a room. I call it the brow wax of housecleaning. We get so much milage out of this simple tidy-up task. Yet, it’s not always just yanking up the sheets and blankets and tossing the pillow on top.

Take for instance my son’s single bed. This should literally take seconds to make. Well, it doesn’t. Because for whatever reason, his blankets all spill over the side of the bed, as if they were allergic to the wall and had to be united with the floor.

There. See how they cascade down the bed. Not cool. Also, not comfortable for him to fight the gravity of the blanket’s predisposition to the right side of his bed.

So I did something, once and for all, to make the process of making his bed super easy. The answer: Velcro.
1.) I hand stitched strips of Velcro onto the bottom edge of his mattress. It sort of looks like the work of Dr. Frankenstein, but no one’s going to see it.

2.) I sewed the soft, fuzzy Velcro to the top blanket. The blanket goes through the wash and therefore, you want the fuzzy side of the Velcro on the blanket.

3. I repeated this so there were 2 points where the Velcro attached the blanket to the mattress, just on the one side of the bed.

* Notice that I put the Velcro on the mattress horizontally. This way, I can add Velcro to additional blankets (layers) and they will have room to be attached.

Now, I present the bed you can make in seconds.

It took about 25 minutes to complete this one-time project. But, it will shave off at least a minute of my bed making time. That means that in less than a month, I will have made up my time. Yeah!

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