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Sewing Cabinet Repurposed into a Kitchen Island

trash to treasure sewing cabinetAs much as I tout a drop leaf table as being the smartest piece of furniture, I think I must say a sewing cabinet is the most repurposable (<– that’s officially a new word!) piece of furniture. It’s got 4 legs, a table top and cabinet. You can add casters, shelves or a larger top, for starters.

When AJ from AJ’s Trash 2 Treasure Blog picked up an old sewing cabinet at a rummage sale he added a new top that extended out on each side. This made the front cabinet accessible while  providing extra counter top.

Repurposed sewing cabinet with distressed finish

Sewing Cabinet repurposed as a kitchen island

As you can see, there is lots of room under the extended sides to store bar stools or extra little tables!

See more photos.

More Sewing Cabinet Repurposing Ideas

AJ suggests…”These old sewing machine cabinets (sans their machines!) make really nice lamp tables (you can cut down the legs if you want them shorter) or entry way tables or plant stands.”

And here are some upcycled sewing cabinet tutorials from Eve of Reduction:

1. Sewing Cabinet Pet Bed

2. Kid’s kitchen made from a Sewing Cabinet

3. Sewing Cabinet repurposed into a Bar Cart

How would you repurpose a sewing cabinet?

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