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Salvage the Shirt: Stencil over Stains


I’m all for scrubbing out a stain, but I’ve never had any luck getting Sharpie permanent marker out of clothing. Therefore, when my son came home from art class, and I noticed a dot of marker leaked through his art smock, I knew I had to get creative.
I bought this GAP shirt at a consignment shop for a few bucks as part of my son’s Papa Smurf costume. I was happy because it was a costume piece that could be used for everyday wear. Some may have ditched the shirt when stain removal was eminent – but not Eve of Reduction. There are several solutions you can employ when hiding stains, like adding a fabric appliqué, but this freezer paper stencil idea is easy and very customizable.
I used freezer paper to crate a stencil so that I could paint over the stain. Here’s how to save a shirt by

painting over the stain:
1. Using freezer paper (from a grocery store) cut out the custom image you want to paint on your shirt.
2. Iron on the freezer paper, shiny side down. Cut a rectangle of freezer paper and place it shiny side up inside the shirt, under where the stencil is placed. Hold the iron on it for 30 – 60 seconds.

3. Once the freezer paper has successfully stuck to the shirt, paint the stencil. I like to use interior paint like you would use on your wall because a.) I have it on hand and b.) I know it won’t come off in the wash. Here I’m using the paint from my kitchen.

4. When the paint is dry, remove the freezer paper from the front and inside of the shirt. There will be no trace of the paper.

Enjoy your shirt again!

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  1. E April 6, 2012 at 1:09 am #

    This is great! Perfect for moms with little ones that don’t like bibs!

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