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Simplify Your Life by Reusing Household Items

7 ways to repurpose at home

Some household  items  can  be  used  more  than  once,  even  though  the  label  says“disposable”. Repurposing is always a great way to go when it comes to protecting nature and keeping your budget under control. There are a bunch of disposable items in the household that can be reused. Forget about getting rid of these things. Here are some tips to simplify your life, which are also good for our planet.

Razors. Tired  of  sweater  pills?  Disposable  razors  can  help  you  remove  the  nasty“intruders”.

Reusable plastic bags. Use your reusable plastic bags when you shop. Instead of buying another shop bag at the store, always carry a plastic bag with you. Furthermore, use a simple resealable bag to refill mayo bottles without a mess. Simply fill a clean bag with mayo, cut one of the corners and push all the contents to it. Then squeeze the mayo into the bottle.Voilà! Don’t forget to wash reusable bags between uses.

Speaking of plastic bags, do you know a good place to store them? Here is one: use empty and clean tissue boxes to hold your reusable plastic bags.

Glass  jars. Store  food  in  your  glass  jars.  Also,  store  your  homemade  delicious  jams, candies, jujy fruits, etc. Additionally, collect all cooking grease in a jar instead of pouring it down the sink. It will keep the sink from clogging, saving you a lot of trouble in the future. You can also reuse the cooking grease to grease your frying pans.

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Berry boxes. Once you eat all the berries, don’t throw out the boxes. Use them to protect your plant bulbs from moles and gophers. Make a hole in the ground and place the container before you add the bulbs.

Business cards. Are you short of paper to label your boxes? Old and useless business cards can come in handy. Just use the other side, write down what’s in that container and stick it to the lid.

Nylon mesh veggie bags can make wonderful cleaning tools. Use as scrubbers around the house. Roll the bags up tightly and start cleaning.

Toilet paper and paper towel cardboards tubes. Do your Christmas lights always end up tangled? No worries. Next time you undecorate your Christmas tree, grab a paper towel cardboard roll and wrap the lights around it to avoid tangles until next year. Easy breezy.

toilet paper rolls recycling stats

Aluminum foil. Scrub your grill with a spatula wrapped in aluminum foil and all the dirt will  come off with ease. Don’t restrict  aluminum foil uses solely to your barbecue grill. Clean and scrub your oven racks, pans and pots to get rid of baked-on food.

Are you an artist? Make paint palettes of old DVDs and CDs you no longer use. When you finish a project, either wash the disks and store them away or dispose of them.

Tea bags. Don’t throw your tea bags once the tea is ready. Use them to freshen your cuttingboards and other kitchen surfaces. Simply rub the bags on sinks, counters and cutting boards and all the bad odors will be gone.

Yoga mats. If you are a fan of yoga, you probably have a few yoga mats at home. Everytime you buy a new mat, wash your old one and use it as a doormat. Of course, you will need to cut it to a regular-sized doormat beforehand.

Egg cartons. If you are a fervent gardener, you can start your seeds in empty and clean egg cartons. Easy, simple and mess-free.

So the next time you decide to toss some of your products in the trash bin, consider repurposing them!

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  1. Jess @ Best Credit Cards Canada June 25, 2015 at 11:08 am #

    We definitely keep all our plastic bags from the grocery store (when we get them, we usually use cloth). Then we use them for garbage bags in the kitchen and bathrooms. I also have been known to wash out sandwich bags and give them another use 🙂

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