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Recycled Kid’s Craft: Olympic Gold Metal

USA Olympic gold metal craft ideasYes, I’m a little obsessed with the Olympics so I’ve created another fun kid’s craft: Olympic Gold Metals made from recycled jar lids.

I’ve actually been playing around with this idea all week, which involved some epic craft fails – like photo transfer Mod Podge on gold satin. Not good.

So instead of a tutorial, I’m going to give you several craft ideas for upcycling a jar lid into an Olympic Gold Metal.

DIY Olympic Gold metal craft ideas1. Print gold metal art out on paper and Mod Podge it onto the jar lid

2. Draw your design onto a recycled jar lid with a black Sharpie marker

3. Print your design on multi-purpose transparency film and glue it to the jar lid.

Now as I said above, I’ve been experimenting with photo transfer Mod Podge and in the process I played around with other DIY medallion ideas. After all, the Olympics come every two years. What would be more useful? A birthday medallion!

How to Use Photo Transfer Mod Podge

1. You cannot use a real photo. It has to be a photo copy. And if you want it to look nice, you have to go to a copy shop any pay a couple bucks for a good color copy.

2. If you use your $100 home printer, colors will be very faded, but black comes through great. So if you’re just using black, you’re all set!

3. White shows. The photo transfer Mod Podge is white, so that’s actually what you’re seeing – not the white of the paper.

4. If you’re transferring an image with copy, you need to print your image in reverse.

To go along with this post, I had to include another free Printable! I couldn’t resist, now that I have this figured out. So here is a downloadable PDF for my Olympic Gold Metal design and a boy and girl birthday metal.

Free Printable Olympic Metal and Kids Birthday Metals include reverse designs, too!

FREE printables kids metals

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD free metal printables

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