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Recycled Craft: Valentine Love Note Kit



“Can” You Be My Valentine?
Give your Valentine some love letter inspiration with this pencil can embellished with customized messages of affection.

–> Here is the how-to tutorial instructions for making a Valentine pencil holder, embellished with customized, magnetic, friendship messages. This simple and interactive Valentine craft uses recycled materials and common craft supplies.

Supply List:
Small can
Decorative Paper
Double-sided Tape
Printed Words
Adhesive-backed Magnet Strips or Sheets
You’ll need a small can; soup or tomato paste cans work well. Test it first to make sure it’s magnetic. Remove the label. Wrap the can with craft paper, a wallpaper remnant or some original sweetheart art. Use double-sided tape to keep seams clean.
Print a Valentine message from your computer or cut out words from a magazine. Remember to keep the font small (16pt), or less than 1 ¼” total word length. Apply the printed words individually to the adhesive side of magnet strips (available at craft stores) then snip the magnet to be flush with the edge of the paper. Jazz the can up with ribbon or stickers.
Cut out a paper heart with two holes to thread a decorative pencil through. Before inserting the pencil, write your signature on the heart.
For an added touch, fill the can with candy, scented paper or more magnetic prose to play around with!

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