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Recycled Craft: National Teacher Appreciation Week Apple Pencil Toppers

EORApple_pencil_handThis week, May 6th – 10th is National Teacher Appreciation Week. To celebrate, my kids’ school has chosen an apple theme. So each day they do some sort of apple related gift/gesture for their teacher.

Last year, I’m not sure if there was a theme but one day they had to give their teacher a flower-related gift – fake, real, picture, etc. I made a cute flower for my kids to give their teacher. Two weeks later I found the flower buried in my younger son’s closet. When confronted he told me he was embarrassed to give his teacher the flower.

Not going to lie, I was a little hurt. But still forced him to give it to her, which was even more embarrassing since Teacher Appreciation Week was long over.

This year, I’d been sitting on some scrap leather from a leather business in my hometown, Buffalo, NY. Someone who works with my mother is related to an employee and through the crafty grapevine, I was given a bag of scraps. The smallest scrap in the bag was red, but it was enough to make 5 apple pencil toppers.


I understand completely if you cannot score some leather scraps. Keep in mind throughout my brief tutorial that you can do this exact project with felt. If you want to do this as a kid’s craft, you can also glue felt rather than sew. This is a very accommodating project!



1. Cut one green leaf; one brown stem; two red apples

2. Lay down one apple piece, face down and place in the leaf and stem, over-lapping enough to glue or sew.

3. Lay the second apple piece face up over the other apple (like a sandwich).

4. Sew around the outer edge, leaving open the bottom of the apple, enough to insert the pencil. Pivot your sewing needle around so you can sew an outline around where the pencil will rest inside the apple. This way the apple topper will sit securely on the pencil.

5. Give one to all your favorite teachers!! My children have many wonderful teachers who support them at school, as well as my dearest friends and mother whom are all teachers (and proud that I used “whom”).


DIY Doyenne

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4 Responses to Recycled Craft: National Teacher Appreciation Week Apple Pencil Toppers

  1. Margot Potter May 9, 2013 at 11:35 am #

    This is so cute! What a great idea! Thanks for joining the Blog Hop!


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