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Recycled Craft: Mini Jelly Jar Vacation Souvenirs

JellyJarsouvenir550I have a confession; I’ve been on a hot, sandy beach surrounded by palm trees and avoiding this wintery Spring that we’re having in the Northeast. Good news is I brought home a DIY recycled craft project with me!

My husband actually won a trip to an all-inclusive resort (a new experience for me). While I was there, I was served mini pastries with a very mini jar of jam (30g). These jars were as cute as a button and had to be repurposed. So before I left, I cleaned out the jar and filled it with white, Tropic sand.

Reduction Rebels, you may agree that souvenirs are just over-priced junk. But at the same time, it’s nice to have a little reminder of your trip, other than a sunburn in March. One thing I like to get on trips is a Christmas ornament. That way, I know I’ll set it out temporarily and have a once-a-year reminder of my great trip. You see where I’m going with this, right?

Mini Jam Jar Christmas Ornament

Supplies: recycled mini jar, multi surface paints (perfect for glass), sand sample from vacation destination, small spiral shells, hot glue and furniture polish.

Step 1: Soak the jar in warm water to remove the label

Step 2: Turn the jar upside down and paint the name of your vacation destination and the year

Step 3: Paint a spiral shell to look like a Christmas tree. Give it a mist of furniture polish so the sand doesn’t stick to it.

DIY christmas tree shell

Step 4: Drop a dab of hot glue on the bottom of the jar and lower the sea shell down onto it – tip first. It will be like the Christmas tree is hanging from the star on top.

hot glue shellStep 5: Fill the jar with sand so that there is enough sand to come up to the bottom of the shell when turned upside down. This may take some trial and error.

Note: Be sure the paint on the shell is completely dry so the sand doesn’t stick to it too much. A little sand is OK because it kind of looks like snow.

Reusable jam jar


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One Response to Recycled Craft: Mini Jelly Jar Vacation Souvenirs

  1. Lucy Schmidt March 25, 2014 at 5:46 pm #

    Too cute! I send myself postcards when I’m traveling so I have mail when I get home and a compilation of pictures and written memories of what I did that day that I can look back on later. Oh, did I mention I also bring back rocks from places I visit? Your sand is much sensible than the 80+ LBS (yes, LBS) I brought back from Nova Scotia. For such a small place they have lots of different & interesting rocks. Clutter? Maybe, but I like them so I make room for them. Surprisingly, it doesn’t take a large number of rocks to equal 80+ lbs. ;-)

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