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Do we need to Bankroll the Tooth Fairy?

toothfairyToday is “Tooth Fairy Day” – not kidding. I have a clever little calendar that tells me these useless things. Actually, I intended to do a recycled craft in honor of giving our kids money in exchange for their baby teeth.

When my son was little my aunt gave him a ceramic container specially marked for the tooth fairy exchange. It was so small that a dollar bill needed to be folded 7 times to fit in it. I may be slightly exaggerating. The first time my son lost a tooth my husband came to me and asked if I had a quarter. I laughed convulsively. Then he said, “All I have is a $20.” Okay, a quarter it is.

It got me thinking. Who says the Tooth Fairy understands inflation, dentistry or anything in between? The braggarts at school who talk about $5 and $10 bills. Can’t we tell a different story? Some parents are.

Tooth Fairy Alternatives to Giving Money

1. Write your child a personal note. Maybe words of encouragement or a code that they can decipher.

2. A new tooth brush

3. A friendship bracelet. It’s pretty cool to be BBFs with a fairy.

4. Origami

5. Let the toothless child make a decision – like what game the family should play or a special meal.

Do you know any special tooth fairy ideas?

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