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Maps – the next upcycling craze

Have you noticed that maps are popping up all over in home decor? In the last month there was a vintage typewrite table refurbished with a map.

Then last Friday on my new drug show of choice, Flea Market Flip, both teams bought maps to work from for their artwork challenge. On the very same day, we had returned from a trip. When my husband was cleaning out the car he tossed our road atlas in the recycling bin. Why? Because we have a GPS.

Maps are obsolete and therefore perfect fodder for our furnishings!

So I retrieved the atlas from the recycling bin and got to work Mod Podging maps in my son’s room.
I started with the small lamp shade on his wall.
1. I rolled the lampshade over a piece of wrapping paper to create a template for the lamp shade.

Note: If you’re working from a large map, you can just trace the lamp shade template directly on the map. I was using atlas pages so I had to piece them together using a single-piece template.
2. Next I cut the atlas pages using the template. It took three sections to form the full template.
3. I taped the three sections together (tape on the back side of the map at the three seams).
4. Finally I spread Mod Podge on my lamp shade and fit on the map. I sealed it with a coat of Mod Podge over the top of the map and especially at the seam.

While I had everything out, I updated my son’s clock with a matching map background.

I bought this clock at a garage sale for $4. This is the second time I’ve updated it.

Here’s another great feature showing other map and globe home decor applications.

Do you have any map decor in your home?
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2 Responses to Maps – the next upcycling craze

  1. Bonny @ October 13, 2012 at 1:21 am #

    I stopped by to thank you for linking up to our Boo game. I love the idea behind your blog because I hate waste. I haven’t made anything with maps yet, but I like what you’ve done with these maps. Very clever!


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