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Kid’s Craft: Halloween Chalk Sculpture

Today is cool and rainy, a pleasant preclude to fall. I considered sweeping leaves from my driveway but instead decided to write this post; it’s just so much more fun!
Now, I don’t get out my Halloween decorations until October 1st, but that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about starting on some seasonal crafts now.
So let’s start here. Who has buckets of sidewalk chalk left in your garage from this summer? Me, me, oow, pick me. That’s what I thought. Therefore I am writing this fun kid’s craft tutorial to help creatively use up some of your leftover sidewalk chalk.

-  sidewalk chalk
- Mini flat-head screwdriver (you can also use a toothpick or straightened paperclip, it just takes longer)
-  washable markers or paint
- Emery board

To make the Gravestone Chalk sculpture, start with a grey or white piece of chalk. If it’s a new piece, crack it in half to make two gravestones. Rub the side of the chalk against the sidewalk to wear down the roundness so that there are two flat sides. You may want to unevenly wear down the top to make it look like an old, broken stone. Emery board help in the sculpting process, too. Use your carving tool of choice (see list above under Supplies) to write “RIP” or another ghoulish epitaph.  

Mummies are fun and easy to make! Carve out a flat area to host the eyes. Eyes can me drawn in with a marker or you can glue in googly eyes. Next use your carving tool to make sweeping strokes that resemble a wrapped mummy. Emphasize the lines with marker.

Fingers can be done in an array of colors. Favorite choices include blue, purple, green, peach and brown. Carve out a recess for the fingernail. Color it in with black (or color of your choice). Make uneven lines to look like knuckles and gruesome scars. Finish it off with some dripping blood.

I didn’t attempt to make a haunted house, but that would make for a fun challenge! Let me know if you have any other scary sidewalk chalk sculpture suggestions.
As always, feel free to send me photos of your creations.
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  1. Mindi@MyLove2Create September 13, 2012 at 2:29 pm #

    My kids would love this, pinning it!


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