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Kids Craft: Gold Digger Valentine’s for boys

The weekend is here and this means it’s time to do the kids’ Valentines. How about you?
My older son is totally into Gold Rush on the History Channel. So for his classroom Valentine’s treat he wanted to do a “gold digger” theme. Keep in mind he doesn’t know this is a metaphor for anything taboo. I giggle to myself as I help him create a Valentine craft to share with his class.

It was his idea to use Lemon Heads – his favorite candy – as the “gold.” I loved his creativity. Now to get a digger…

So far I’ve created two options for him.
Option1:  I made the spade out of craft sticks. I really like the sticker on the shovel because it seems to carry the Valentine message and it structurally helps to hold the craft sticks together. This one’s pretty easy.

Option2:  I made the shovel out of a recycled paper bag and reinforced it with craft sticks.
With all the tracing and cutting needed for this option, he’ll save time with a pre-printed tag. (Boys love getting out of having to write!)

Please let me know what you think. Which would you do – 1 or 2? I’m also open to suggestions, especially if they involve recycling or reusing. Thank you!

Glitter, Glue & Paint

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