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How to Distress Furniture with Vaseline

Last week I completed a furniture upcycling project where I used Vaseline to achieve a distressed, shabby chic look on my piece of furniture. This prompted me to take some photos and video to share what an easy distressing technique this is.

If you’re looking for a look like the photo below, check out my video on

How to Distress Furniture with Vaseline:

All you need to do is paint your solid under coat – for me that was red. Then apply a thin swipe of Vaseline to the edges, corners and raised areas. I also applied Vaseline around the knob holes because logically this would be an area for wear, but also because my knobs are dark and I wanted to create contrast so they would be more noticeable.

The Vaseline keeps the top layer of paint from sticking, therefore it rubs of easily once the paint has dried.

If you wipe Vaseline over a larger surface of your furniture, you can distress it in a way that emphasizes your brush strokes and highlights the transparency to the undercoat of paint.

Cool painting technique to achieve texture and transparency when distressing furniture with Vaseline

Now, here is the video on using the Vaseline distressing technique when painting furniture:

What are your favorite furniture distressing methods?

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