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How to Upcycle a Wooden Crate

how to #upcycle an orange crate #organize

Somewhere in the last year my kids started eating loads of Clementines, so we started buying them in bulk. This means about every other month we are left with a wooden crate that cannot be recycled.

It seems so senseless and wasteful to get rid of a container like this so we’ve taken to reusing them for organizing.

Ideas for Repurposed Wooden Crates

1. If you have kids, you may have a similar problem as me – foam Nerf® darts all over your house. Am I right? Solution: They can be nicely collected and stowed in a wooden crate.

2. Printer paper is a perfect fit for these wooden crates. Store your new paper or use it as a bin for single-sided paper that you want to reuse.

3. With a little paint and decorating touches these orange crates make a great upcycled magazine holder.

Upcycling An Orange Crate

At the end of last year – as in a few months ago – I started an online store for teacher gifts. I run the business out of my home, which means I’m frequently shipping out boxes. I use the postal service to pick up my boxes, which works out great because the mail carrier picks them up when she makes her rounds. The problem is the same mail carrier doesn’t come everyday. Therefore not everyone knows the box sitting on my porch needs to be taken. Especially if an order comes in the morning and it’s too late for me to request a pick up.

So, I was stalking the mail carrier to make sure my packages were picked up, which sucked up a lot of my time and mental energy.

To remedy this, I decided to make an outgoing mail “station” for my front porch to alert the mail carrier on duty. This has given me a clever reuse of my Clementine crate and piece of mind knowing my boxes will be picked up without a hitch!


supplies for #DIY repurposed orange crateRecycled Wooden Crate

Rubber Stamp Letters and Ink Pad

Permanent Markers

Washi Tape

Scrapbook Paper

Mod Podge


1. Rip off any paper packaging attached to the crate

2. Use markers to write over printed graphics on the side of the wooden crate

3. Use rubber stamp letters to stamp “Outgoing Mail” or whatever new purpose you’re using your crate

4. Cover over glue strips or staples with Washi tape as needed or desired.

5. Apply Mod Podge and scrapbook paper to decorate side panels

#repurpose wooden crate for small business #workfromhome

For what would you reuse a wooden crate?

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2 Responses to How to Upcycle a Wooden Crate

  1. bryan flake September 22, 2015 at 7:42 pm #

    These little crates seem rather efficient. My dad needs a wood pile crate built before winter sets in. I think I will model it after these little ones. We just need a place that my dad can store the logs until he wants to use them in the stove.

  2. Cindy Hoffman January 25, 2016 at 4:10 pm #

    Hi there Eve, I was looking around for some top ideas on how I could put my old wooden boxes into use and I must say that from reading your post I have been inspired to think out of the box. That’s something that I could try doing. Thanks a lot for the share and keep up the good work.


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