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How to Repurpose a Shampoo Bottle

How to repurpose a shampoo bottle


Last year I was looking through a catalog – oh the devilish temptation – and I saw a silicon sink caddy. It’s basically a sponge holder that hangs on the divider between a double sink. I thought it was pretty clever, but I wasn’t going to spend $8 on it. I did find it on Amazon for $5ish through my Amazon Associates account so you can have a look.

I’ve let this want brew for a year, until I had the idea that I could repurpose a shampoo bottle to make one for free! The best part about using an empty shampoo bottle is that the labels come off really easy, leaving you with a solid color bottle. You don’t have to bother painting or decorating it because it looks nice and will stand up to water.

How to Repurpose a Shampoo Bottle into a DIY Sink Caddy

EORshampoo_cutStep 1: Use and X-acto knife to cut a hole out of the middle front and sides of your bottle like you can see in the photo.

You want only the back of the bottle to be continuous. At this point you’ll want to wash out all remaining shampoo left in the bottle. I don’t know if I’ve ever upcycled something so pleasant smelling!

Step 2: Above the heat of a candlestick, heat the plastic on the back, center of the bottle. Be sure not to melt it. Just hold it a few inches above the flame for 3-4 seconds. Heat it as you bend the plastic to form the “saddle.” While the plastic is really warm, remove from heat and bend it over your sink divider so it can conform to the shape.

You’ll also notice that the bottle likely will not lay completely flat because there is usually a slight curve in the back of the bottle.


Step 3: In order for your sink caddy to not become a cesspool of ucky sponge water, you need to poke holes in the bottom. The side with the opening is all set but the other side, that was originally the bottom of the shampoo bottle, needs holes for water to escape.

I lit a candle, heated the tip of a drawing compass and poked it through the bottom of the shampoo bottle.

Melting holes in plastic








Here you have the final DIY sink saddle caddy

DIY sink saddle caddy

More Ideas for Upcycling a Shampoo Bottle

1. Brochure Holder: Look at the picture from Step 1 above where the bottle is just cut, not bent. If you opened the top you can slip tri-fold brochures in and display them

2. Business card holder: remove the bottom all together and fill it with business cards on your desk.

3. Kid’s boat: If you only cut an opening in the top (not the sides) you could make a boat or toy kayak. Just be sure to keep the closure on your shampoo bottle. I’m sure Luke Skywalker could float through the Dagobah System in that!

4. Hanging toothbrush storage. I made this a while back with a plastic creamer bottle, but you could do it with a shampoo bottle, too. Here is the tutorial.

What would you make out of a shampoo bottle?

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